Our Kombucha

At Insanitea, the process of making our kombucha is not only science, but a perfected craft. We place a huge emphasis on our small batch techniques because it is what helps us deliver a consistent kombucha to our community. Not only are we obsessed with health and great taste, but also about crafting a high qaulity, low sugar content kombucha. Our small batch brewing techniques help us achieve the big, fresh and unique flavors you love, delivering a beverage rich in probiotic enzymes, B vitamins, and antioxidants. 

Our process is all about understanding our yeast culture, and giving it only what it needs to produce the tastiest, fizziest, sparkling probiotic beverage in New Orleans. 

We use a traditional method called batch brewing and the techniques help us craft a stronger, more consistent tasting kombucha. Our batch brewing creates a controlled environment for our yeast, which produces a predictable, flavorful kombucha, low in caffeine and sugar.

Our 11 day process allows each SCOBY to sit for a set period of time, at a set temperature, with a set amount of water and sugar. Hit REPEAT for each of our delicious flavors. It’s a system we’ve perfected. The longer we let our brew sit, the more complex our flavors become. The end result: a perfect balance of acidity and tartness, delivered to the taste buds as a light vinegar taste. We've been told by many non-drinkers that our kombucha is extremely approachable...and we are proud of this feedback!