About us

How we got started

It all started 5 years ago, when I brewed my first batch of kombucha in my home kitchen. I became obsessed with the entire kombucha biological cycle which converted my sweet tea to the sour, healthy, sparkling probiotic rich drink. Outside of initially being fascinated with the process, I personally felt the benefits of the probiotics inside my body. I started noticing the benefits kombucha added to my mental and physical well beings. Since my first time brewing Kombucha I knew I wanted to pursue this as my future. And here you have it, Insanitea Kombucha.” - Jordi Figueras, Founder of Insanitea Kombucha

We started selling our home-made raw kombucha at the Crescent City Farmers Markets. Our vision of bringing home brewed kombucha was a huge success and each market we would sell out. Since taking root at farmers markets, we've continued to focus on how our business can best serve our community.

Our Mission

What makes us different?

Our process. It's all about understanding our yeast culture, and giving it only what it needs to produce the tastiest, fizziest, sparkling probiotic beverage in New Orleans.

Our kombucha is ALIVE, unpasteurized, full of microorganisms that are known to strengthen and build your immune system and beneficial to your gut ensuring vibrant, energizing days. Insanitea Kombucha is here to give you a good gut feeling.