The Insanitea Kombucha Process

Many have often asked, what is kombucha? How does one make it? Well, here at Insanitea, we are all about spreading the good word. The base of kombucha is tea (green tea or black tea) and sugars, which sits and ferments using a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast). Over time, as you let the kombucha sit, the yeast slowly eats away at the natural sugars in the tea, and creates the CO2 and alcohol content. Then, the bacteria eats away at the alcohol producing acids. What’s left is the tarte, fizzy taste of kombucha. You can add natural flavors from fruits and veggies in order to enhance the taste. The end result: a perfect balance of acidity and tartness, delivered to the taste buds as a light vinegar taste.

But what’s so great about kombucha, you may be asking? Well, it’s a natural source of lactic acid bacteria, which work as gut-healthy probiotics. The good bacteria from the lactic acid formation helps improve gut health and offer general balance to the digestive process. Many also assert that kombucha also contains many antioxidant rich benefits from the use of green tea, which can quicken the metabolism and rid the body of toxins. 

Recent studies find these results, but we hear directly from our customers how beneficial our buch has been to their health. The benefits of these antioxidants are abundant to the body and shown to be an antibacterial with fighting candida yeast, help with increased circulation throughout the body, and acts as a good replacement for coffee. When made right, kombucha is absolutely much healthier than any artificially sweetened beverages out there. It’s important to pay attention to sugar content in kombucha, as well so keep those eyes on the nutrition label and check to make sure there’s no added sugars. At Insanitea the sugars in our buch are what’s leftover from the fermentation process + the sugars from our fruits and veggies. No added sugars in our buch! Helps keep those health benefits strong.  

There are many reasons why drinking kombucha is good for your health, but for most it’s the taste and feel of the carbonated, bubbly beverage hitting those taste buds. Take a step into our commercial kitchen and gain some insight into how we brew our buch. 

Here’s our Insanitea small batch process: 

  1. Brew green tea, black tea, and add sugar once tea has steeped for 20 minutes.

  2. Mix the tea and sugar with cold water or let it cool down. 

  3. Put a SCOBY in it! And add kombucha culture and starter liquid.

  4. Let the brew sit and ferment. While it’s sitting, the yeast is eating the sugar, which creates the kombucha beverage. We let our buch sit for usually 7-10 days for 5 gallon batches.

  5. Add any fruits and vegetables to give flavors. 

  6. Add some extra, natural carbonation into each bottle (C02).

  7. Bottle and keep it refrigerated. 

Our process is a traditional method called batch brewing and the techniques help us craft a stronger, more consistent tasting kombucha. Our batch brewing creates a controlled environment for our yeast, which produces a predictable, flavorful kombucha, low in caffeine and sugar.

We bet you’re so curious to try our buch now. Head on over to our corner store to get a case (8 12oz. bottles) of your own!